Why Design

A Creator and Creation

I absolutely love Remedy entertainment and most, if not all the games they make. Alan Wake is my favorite because it deals with supernatural elements and has gripping gameplay.

My creative side

I love drawing sketches and mockups for character design and incorporating them into my work. My strengths in design are my ability to convey my way of thinking whether it is through words or drawing. I love seeing my progress from start to end and the challenge of getting to that final product. There are multiple things that make up a good design. A good design is-

  • Impactful
  • comprehensive
  • unique features

My Demons

I do have doubts about my designs. sometimes I have a good idea but putting it down on paper might be more difficult.

What the Future Holds

I hope my career path lands me a job in video game design. Hopefully, I get to work with Remedy Entertainment or a company whose games I like. I Know its a longshot but that's the goal as of right now



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Adam Bristoe

Adam Bristoe

My name is Adam Bristoe And I am currently going to Maryville University to pursue a degree in video game design