My Love of Video Games

Adam Bristoe
1 min readJan 28, 2020


“It’s Not a Lake Its An Ocean” Alan Wake

When asked by people why I have a passion for video games I mostly give people the same response. I tell them that the reason I am pursuing a job in video game design is that video games have been apart of my life forever during the good times and bad times of my life. If asked “what’s ur favorite video game” I would respond with the title Alan Wake.

Ilistrated Design of typewriter With The quote “ if our lives are already written it would take a courajus man to change the
Design by Adam Bristoe

Why Alan Wake you may ask? Well, the reason Alan Wake is My Favorite game is hard to explain I would say its because of the underlying themes and ideas presented in the Game. I don’t want to spoil it so I would suggest playing it for yourself. Once I finished the game I did a lot of research into how the game was made from documentaries to looking at concept art. I started to do research for other games such as

Last of us


Assassins Creed

God of War

I became more and more interested in the designing of video games and I knew that I would love to help design video games as a career



Adam Bristoe

My name is Adam Bristoe And I am currently going to Maryville University to pursue a degree in video game design