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Adam Bristoe
2 min readMay 1, 2020


Gestalt Principle

I was assigned chapter 2 in the book Designing with the Mind in Mind by Jeff Johnson The challenge of the project was to get a design that had an emphasis on different structures as well as showed the Gestalt principles. There are many different Gestalt principles but the thing that connects them all is the importance of the layout and design of the page and making sure everything is planned in the design.

- how might we improve the overall layout in the design

-how might we show each principle in a visual aspect

-how might we make sure the vision is coherent.

-how might we ask the audience what they see

-how might we guide the viewer's eye

I Chose these two concepts because they both expressed gestalts principles in different visual ways.

I chose to do a pie chart because it gave me enough room to show each principle and divide them into sections to make it easier to focus on each principle individually.

I decided to do a survey in order to convey each principle and in order to question how much the participant understands the principles.

When it comes to improvements to my testing I would improve on the questions and many hints better at what principle is present for the question.

Overall I would say the results I got from the survey were very positive and better than expected and most of the people got the gist of the principles.



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